Superb Walkability in Residential Rogers Park

Rogers Park is a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago providing easy access for commuters into the Downtown Chicago area and to the suburbs. Rogers Park is bordered by the communities of Evanston and Edgewater, Ridge Blvd to the west and Lake Michigan to the east. Until the 1890s, the area was mostly a beautiful, sprawling park. Today, it is home to various amenities and attractions as well as numerous residential developments. These residential properties, including sundry condos and townhomes, allow First Community Management to embrace the community via the association management properties we serve.

Roger Park Demographics and Lifestyle

A number of things stand out about Rogers Park. The residents here have a higher level of residents with professional and master’s degrees. And, there are about twice as many residents working in this community that work for nonprofit organizations than anywhere else in the state. Loyola University Chicago is located in this community as is the Rogers Park Baptist Church. This walkabout community is home to over 130 restaurants, many of which are a part of the Rogers Park Business Alliance, which has worked hard to transform this area into a very community friendly, urban area.

The Rogers Park community is quite diverse. There are people here of virtually every ethnic background with more than 40 different languages spoken.

Exploring Rogers Park

Walk along the L Stations to see the incredible murals along Howard Street and Clark Street. For theater, explore the options along Jarvis Square as well as the Glenwood Avenue Arts District. There are numerous ethnic restaurants located throughout this community including Indian, Italian and Korean options. You’ll enjoy seeing and experiencing them all. Lake Michigan is nearby and if you’re lucky you may be able to hear the sounds of waves crashing against the shoreline.

Facts about Rogers Park

  • The neighborhood is around 0.823 square miles.
  • About 35,780 people call Rogers Park home – it is a dense area, but does not feel overcrowded.
  • The median household income in 2013 for Rogers Park was $58,641, which is significantly above Chicago’s $47,999 median income.
  • Median rent here in 2013 was $997.
  • This community is a bit older than other areas of the city with a median age of nearly 43.
  • The average household size here is 2.8 people.
  • About 39 percent of homes are family households.