Lakeside Luxury and Charm in Lincoln Park

View of Chicago from Lincoln Park

Located just north of Downtown Chicago is the community of Lincoln Park. It is bordered by the Chicago River just to the west, North Avenue along the south and Diversey parkway on the north. It sits just east of Lake Michigan. This community offers exceptional opportunities to enjoy a moderate to affluent lifestyle only a few minutes from all that Downtown Chicago has to offer. With a growing number of condos and high-rises in the area the property management and community management needs in the area continue to proliferate for companies like First Community Management.

Key Features and Amenities in Lincoln Park

There are a number of things that stand out about Lincoln Park aside from its location. First, nearly every major street has a historic church on it, often made of stone or brick. Some areas are even considered landmark districts for their historically beautiful spaces, oft accompanied by model brick row homes and gorgeous tree-lined streets. Additionally, the community is adjacent to one of the largest Chicago area parks, Lincoln Park, offering access to many outdoor and lakeside activities. Often called the “urbs in horto” or “City in a Garden” the Lincoln Park neighborhood is a beautiful place to call home.

Stop for a moment to walk along Armitage Avenue. You’ll find a number of high-end retailers here. There are numerous restaurants, sweet shops and cafes in this region as well. You are only a few minutes from DePaul University’s campus where many young people call the community and local establishments ‘home’ during the academic school year. This area of the Lincoln Park neighborhood also supports a host of live entertainment venues including clubs, museums and theaters.

Facts About Lincoln Park

  • A larger community, Lincoln Park is about 2.825 square miles.
  • It has a population of over 66,390 people.
  • In 2010 the average housing prices of 5+ unit structures to detached houses ranged from $274,418 to $1,607,995.
  • The area is home to smaller households than most other neighborhoods with an average household size of 1.9 people; Chicago is slightly higher at 2.6 people per household.
  • The median household income here was $85,512 in 2013, significantly higher than most areas of Chicago.
  • Lincoln Park offers luxury, charm and history in an urban community. With the nearby park and lake and easy access to downtown, the neighborhood is a covetable place to call home for today’s professionals and discerning citizens who want to be close to it all.