Gail Filkowski

Skill Before You Drill

If you plan to do remodeling in your unit, be sure you review your Association’s governing documents, find skilled licensed & insured contractors, and get approval from the Board of Directors before starting any home improvement projects. Many associations place restrictions on the days of the week and hours of the day that contractors can …

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We understand leaks are an unexpected and stressful situation for residents. Depending on the source and cause of the leak, the investigation and repair process can be stressful for your Community Manager as well. Below is information about what to do in the event of a leak, as well as some tips to minimize damage …

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Why A Special Assessment?

As we enter spring, many communities are planning capital improvement projects that might require a special assessment. While not ideal, a special assessment is a common method for funding large projects. In a perfect world, associations would have enough funds in reserves to pay for all projects. To achieve that, monthly assessments would increase significantly …

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