Why A Special Assessment?

As we enter spring, many communities are planning capital improvement projects that might require a special assessment. While not ideal, a special assessment is a common method for funding large projects. In a perfect world, associations would have enough funds in reserves to pay for all projects. To achieve that, monthly assessments would increase significantly …

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What’s In The Bag?

Plastic is plastic right? Not really. Plastic comes in all sorts of varieties and it can’t all go together in the same bin to be recycled. When plastic bags get mixed in with other recyclables, they’re difficult to sort out, and often jam or damage the machines at recycling facilities and slow down the recycling …

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Avoiding Sewage Back-Ups

With the majority of residents working and eating at home right now, your building’s plumbing infrastructure will be put to the test. Multi-story condominium buildings have a vertical plumbing system with shared pipes for supply and drainage. Since these vertical stacks serve more than one unit, it is very important that residents adhere to some …

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